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Help me, How do I turn stuff on my CD into an ISO immage..

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  • Help me, How do I turn stuff on my CD into an ISO immage..

    Alright, so recently I let my friend borrow my Sim City 4 Deluxe edition CD. Of course, he brought it back in the shittiest condition that I have ever seen. Only after MULTIPLE times of trying to clean it was I able to fully install it. Now, when I started it up, it played MUCH choppier than I remembered, so I wanted to turn the scratched up peice of crap into an ISO immage instead of having to wait until it is in such awful condition that I can not play it.

    So, I'm clueless. I know how to MOUNT ISO files, but I do not know how to make them.
    First off, would downloading a no-cd crack help the performance of the game? I'm sure that the scratched up CD is causing this

    And if not, how do I turn the files on the CD a mountable ISO image that might help me run the game. The only burning tool that I have is nero, so, how do I make stuff into an ISO image?
    Thanx for any answers in advance

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    Don't talk about no-CD cracks here. You agreed to the rules when you registered, now don't break them or you will be banned.

    Don't use Nero to create images. Download Alcohol 52% and use it to create the image. It is pretty self-explaining, but as far as I recall, it does come with a manual as well.
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