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Mounting to Drive D: ?

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  • Mounting to Drive D: ?

    Hey, i have mounted a few images before, but when I try to play GTA San Andreas, I have the image and whenever I mount it and try to play, it says I need to put the cd in "Drive D:". I have no idea how to do it and I think thats the only think holding me back. Alcohol puts the images in F:, and Daemon tools puts it in J:. None of them go directly to D:.

    Can someone please help me with this? Thanks.

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    How did you create your image (program and settings which you used) ?
    DId you use any antiblacklisting programs ?
    You can change the letter of real real drve D: in the disk management (start->Run-> diskmgmt.msc). Change it to Z: e.g. and then use Alcohol or DT to change its virtual drive to D:.
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      Thanks for the help. But when I changed the Drive from D: to Z:, it says;

      "Please remove disk from current CD/DVD drive and insert the original disk in another drive Z:."

      I don't know why its not working. Alcohol usually works even if you mount the image in F:. I tried doing this with DT and Alcohol and got the same thing. I am officially stumped.


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        General SCSI blacklist, you need to use some tool, or disable all ATAPI devices in device manager.
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          sounds good, how do I get to my device manager?


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            Right-click on START--> My Computer and choose properties.
            Then go to Hardware and click on Device Manager...
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