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How to patch Cd checks

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  • How to patch Cd checks

    How do I fix any game exe so that it no longer includes the CD check? I found a tutorial but it was hard to read and I tried it unsuccessfully. I heard that you need a win32 debugger and a hex editor and a disassembler- I am not sure what all of those things do. I have a vague general idea..hex editor aparently lets you view machine code as hex..disassembler displays code within an exe or other file that has been complied...debugger i am not quite sure, attatches to a file running and checks for errors in code maybe? If you could point me to some good tutorials I would greatly appreciate it. This is for game I already own, so tampering with it would only be for backup reasons.

    I need to learn the basics of defeating CD checks before moving on to more advanced things like SecuRom, safedisc, etc. If you guys could help me with this I would be very thankful becuase I've searched the web and can't find anything on it.

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    What you're referring to is cracking the game executable, which is not permitted discussion on this forum.


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      Well, I guess you're right. Ok never mind then.


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        Always important to read the site rules before posting.