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Splinter cell Double Agent 1.02 unable to mini image

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  • Splinter cell Double Agent 1.02 unable to mini image

    Help with Splinter cell Double Agent with 1.02 patch.
    Using a mini image in SCDA patch 1.01, YASU 1.2b was able to make both SP & MP work.
    Yet this 1.02 patch i can't get multiplayer to work, only Single player.
    i am using YASU 1.3, with daemon tools 4.08 (including SPTD 1.38)
    any ideas?
    when running multiplayer, securom will return a result of:
    Please remove disc from current CD/DVD drive and insert the original "Splinter Cell DA Master" disc
    in drive J:.
    Please have a look at for further, more detailed information.
    yet only have 1 drive, all the rest are virtual. and if i disable the drive the game just crashes into windows report tool.
    Regard Solway

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    Which drive did you disabled? You can also use full image.
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      the drive is the real one (liteon).
      just makes scda crash, when yasu is active.

      i know i could just use the unprotected exe, yet i think images are safer.

      any ideas?
      Regard Solway