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  • A few Qs

    Hi, just got a few questions

    1. I have Alcohol 52% free version, is that sufficent for copying the various protections on game cd/dvds? I know it doesn't burn but I don't care about that, I only want to create the images.

    2. I've tried creating a 1:1 image of The Sims 2 (CD version), but I got a lot of disc read errors despite selecting the right protection that Daemon listed in its game database. Should I persevere with creating the image (very slow), or will it fail to work at the end? I also scanned the CD with that Protection program, and it said there was a possible CD key/serial check but I don't see that option anywhere on Alcohol to emulate it?


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    1. yes alcohol 52% is enought to creat image disc.

    2. Sims (like all ea games) is protected by safedisc, which creates lot's of unreadable sector (they're called weak sector). so there is no problems : juste wait until alcohol finish is job


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      What do you do if you make an image but when trying to launch the game it says it cannot find the disk. Obviously the image has been mounted, with all security options enabled through DAEMON. I have this problem with the Sims 2 and Football Manager 2007.


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        Use YASU.

        Also i think you mean emulation options. You wont need them.
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          That all worked, cheers!

          Now just one more question I hope. I want Daemon to run at start up but when it does, one of the mounted images "autoruns" and brings up a menu. It is possible to disable autorun for mounted images. I have "autostart" unchecked. Thanks!