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    what is the difference between bin,cue mdf,mds nrg ccd and other files when should i use wich?

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    cue/bin is a file format that saves the data on the disc in the bin file and the disc structure (i.e. track number) in the cue sheet.

    nrg is the file format ahead Nero (another burning program) uses.

    ccd is CloneCD's file format.

    mds/mdf is Alcohol's native file format that is capable of saving all the information Alcohol can get from a disc, i.e. the data (of course)
    disc structure, and information about the used copy protection (e.g. bad sectors signature or physical media signature).

    Use mds/mdf whenever you want to make an image with Alcohol 120% - it's the most complete format. The other formats are just implemented for compatibility reasons - like if you want to burn an old image you made before you had Alcohol or if you download an iso (similar to cue/bin) file from the internet, like a linux distribution.
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