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  • DVD Region issues...

    I'm backing up my DVD discs, and used Daemon Tools Image ripper to make an image of "Thank You for Smoking." I try to play it in the virtual drive created by Daemon Tools, and it won't play as it says it wasn't made for this region.

    The default region for Daemon Tools Lite is "Not Selected" under the drive options (by going to "My Computer" clicking properties and then selecting the drive). I changed it to "Region 1" as that is the US region and thats the region I'm in, but still I get the region error issue.

    Do I just need to re-rip the ISO now that its set to Region 1? I may (depending on whether or not I lose the disc) have to burn the image file, so I want it to play in my Denon BD player too.

    Or is there just a way to set the disc to Region 0? Or "No Region?"

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    as mentioned in the other thread

    when making an image of the disk, daemon tools records the data 'as is'.. it does not change it...

    if your disk is region 1000 (which doesnt exist), then the image made will be for region 1000

    to change the region you need to edit the actual image itself, you're entering movie backup which isn't really what daemon tools was designed for (at least, not circumventing any css protection / region protection etc..)..

    you CAN however, change the region the daemon tools drive reports itself as by right clicking the daemon tools tray icon, selecting 'virtual cd/dvd rom' -> 'set device parameters' and choosing from there.. be aware that doing this on a real drive can reduce the amount of changes you can do (typically 5).. once it hits 0 its locked in that region
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      i had the same problem and i did what u said and the disc now plays but its all i need to set up secrurom or laser lock or rmps or whatever?