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CD Ripping takes forever - bad ecc/edc

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  • CD Ripping takes forever - bad ecc/edc


    I'm trying to create an image of my old Gothic 1 CDs using Daemon Tools Pro Advanced 4.35.0306.0088. Ripping CD 1 was a breeze, CD 2, however, is taking literally days to rip.

    I've seen other threads where is has been said that this is typical for SafeDisc, where bad sectors are added at the beginning of the CD to make ripping seem to take very long.

    In this case, the first 99% went smooth, then it started reporting "Bad ECC/EDC block". I let it run for 2 hours 30 minutes and then cancelled (it checked sector by sector - in that time it had done 300 sectors, about 3000 remaining -> my estimated ripping time: 23 hours).

    Does my CD/DVD drive just suck?
    Is there an option I could use for quicker bad sector skips?

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    Game is using ProtectCD if i'm not mistaken and it is normal for read errors at the end.

    There is no option.
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      So, in other words, prepare for a full day of ripping a single CD if I want that image?

      Any chance other CD/DVD drives might be quicker identifying the bad sectors?

      Maybe I'll try CloneCD on this CD. I think back when the game was, CloneCD was all the rage. And DT can mount .ccd files as far as I can remember, though I would have preferred an mds/mdf pair, if just for consistency