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    I am currently on trial with DAEMON Tools Pro 4.350308.
    I tried using YASU to mask it from Securom but YASU keeps on giving out the error message:

    Unable to locate the file "daemon.dll" and/or "dtpro.dll"

    Does YASU work on trial versions or not?

    By the way the game I'm trying to emulate is The Saboteur which uses Securom v. 7.xx - I don't know.

    Protection ID gives out this result.

    Disc Protection: SecuROM Signature v 4.85/5/7 (or higher) (DVD)

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    Originally Posted by Su-27FlankerB View Post
    Does YASU work on trial versions or not?
    It does, but you need to rename files.
    Just do a forum search with Key Word "rename" in the CureROM & YASU Support subforum.

    Also note that the last version of YASU is 1.6.9040 - which unfortunately is blacklisted by SecuROM 7.40 used on Saboteur. You might try the YASU equivalent of Alcohol instead - called ACID 1.1.9040.

    P.S.: to get the exact SecuROM version you mostly need to scan the install directory - not just the disc.
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      I'll try that one...