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  • Copy copy copy!!!

    Hi all, this is my first post.

    I don't actually know how Deamon works but it is an amazing program! I am currently having a problem where I am having a problem copying a folder from an .iso image that I have mounted.

    It won't let me pull the folder from the .iso onto my desktop!

    I keep getting the phrase:

    'You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy this
    file' with the options of - Continue - Skip - Cancel.

    I choose Continue which is then immediately followed by:

    'You require permission from everyone to make changes to
    this file' with the options - Try again - Cancel.

    I just don't get what to do at all.

    I choose Try again repeatedly but it won't have it. Eventually I press Cancel and find my way to this forum.

    Has anyone had this problem or do they know what to do to combat it??? All advice is wanted as I am not a techy person unfortunately. Thanks for your time in advance, Ste.

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    Option 1
    extract the folder onto desktop and then run the programme or Option 2
    if you have windows 7 then on the file klick rt mouse and you have second or third option to run the programme as administrator, klick it
    Enjoy but i prefer to option 1


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      Option 1 works, thanks for your advice, Ste. :-)