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Will this work for Starforce?

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  • Will this work for Starforce?

    Sorry, I don't really know too much about Starforce, but will this work?

    I have 2 HDDs on my Primary IDE and 2 optical drives on my Secondary IDE.
    If I go into Device Manager and completely disable my Secondary IDE, will that work? Then, if the drives are disabled, I can unplug them without rebooting right?
    Then after I play, plug them in and the enable Secondary IDE again.

    Will this work?
    If not, could you please explain why so that I can understand Starforce better?

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    if u open ur PC it should always be shut down because there is very high voltage in it. could be qiute dangerous!!!
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      Another question:

      Can you fool the StarForce3 copy protection with an external USB-HDD??? I am planning to buy one!


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        i dont think that the USB-HDD has anything to do with SF.
        maybe u mean external DVD drive?!
        so i think it wont work
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          Not with a external HDD, but with a external dvd drive. Here are some methods how to play with a external drive: 1st method: You put your dvd-drive into an external case (USB) then you can mount the image and press the power button of the case/pull out the usb plug. Now you can play your SF Game, it's like you have unplugged your drives. (no other ide drives have to be connected to your pc) 2nd method: Burn the image on a dvd (rmps). Put the burned dvd into your usb dvd-drive. Deactivate or if it's necesarry unplug your ide-drives. Enable rmps emulation in dt. Maybe deactivate your vitual drives of dt. start the game. I don't know if this method works for new sf games, but for splinter cell 3 it worked.
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            Are USB DVD drives bootable?

            Just one (maybe stupid) question, are the USB adapted (normal IDE drive inserted on an external USB case) drives bootable drives, i.e. will I be able to install windows or other OS from this device? Or does it depend on my bios/motherboard?

            Edit: Thanks, AnalCobra! I guess I will have to check my mainboard/bios config to find it out prior to buying the adapter.
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              I don't know it exactly, but i think it will depend on your mainboard/bios. It's like bootable USB (Ram) Sticks.
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