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Splinter Cell daemontool mounted image help

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  • Andareed
    Well, you should be able to make an image with clonecd using the game/safedisc2 profile. Personally, I prefer alcohol 120 though.

    Once you make the image, you should be able to mount it with daemon tools without needing any emulations.

    If you want to burn the image, I would suggest using alcohol 120 with the safedisc1 (not 2) profile (make sure efm is unticked). Your liteon is quite capable of making a backup of this game (if it is safedisc 2.8).

    If you get errors with your cd, make sure you install from the image (not from the real cdrom);
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    or modify the reg setting for the drive letter.

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  • MelonColin
    started a topic Splinter Cell daemontool mounted image help

    Splinter Cell daemontool mounted image help


    I'm like an ultra-noob to this sorta thing. i have my back-up copy of splinter cell, and i've been told that SP uses Safedisc 2.8. so i made my images using clonecd, mounted them on, but i always get the error with the no cd in drive. sorry if this sounds trivial, but i've been trying to get my back up working for days now, following what you guys posted here. i need direct help. i have a LITE-ON LTR-48246S. any suggestions on how to get it to work? i installed from the mounted images. i heard something about trying a raw something something image... i'm not desperate or anything, i already have the real game, i can play, but i need the back up to work

    btw sorry if i posted this in the wrong place