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Problems Installing Quake 4

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  • Problems Installing Quake 4

    Hello guys, i dont know if Im in the right place, but i need your help.

    Im trying to install Quake 4, but im getting an error when it start to copy the files. I get the following error:

    The system cannot read of the specified device

    Or something like else, because im getting this error in portuguese. I make the image with the CloneCD using Game Protected option with cue file. I can run Quake 4 normally with the image (in another pc i had installed it by the cd), but i cant install it. Thanks and if im in the wrong place sorry, im new here.

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    Download Alcohol 120% ( <--trial version).
    Now make an image with Alcohol. Just choose the image making wizard and press next. If it's on cd then choose the safedisk 2/3 profile of Alcohol. If it's on dvd then you can enable the ignore/skip read error's option.
    After you finished making your image successful,mount it and try to install quake 4 with this image.
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      Quake 4 problems

      Hey I got a problem with quake 4, i couldnt install it with the original cds because the CD 2 has an error that says "Verify that the file exists or that u can access it", then i created an image of CD 2 of quake4 with Alcohol 120% and then installed and all went ok. I opened quake 4 but now i cant play, when i click on New game it begins loading and then it returns to the main menu, then i tried multiplayer but i cant join any game, because it says im missing some files, and i already downloaded the update and cant access any server, i cant even create a game.
      I will appreciate ur help thanx alot.


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        Contact game support. You must be able to install the game from the original cds without any error, otherwise it can not work.
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