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Problems with Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and CureROM

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  • Problems with Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and CureROM

    I've been trying to get THAW to work on a backup by mounting the image on DT version 4.0.3 and Alcohol 120%. I'll get a range of responses from "Emulator detected", "A security module cannot be activated", and (when burned onto a CD-R) "Cannot verify cd's authentication". I've used SR7.stop, CureROM, and SecuROM loader. With SR7.stop, it won't hide either DT or A120. When using CureROM (with both emulators), it can't get anti-blacklisting to work (even though the game is listed in the working games section on the readme), and SecuROM loader will either

    a.) Load the game up full screen, stay as a blank screen for approximately 3 seconds, then close out with no trace, or

    b.) Tell me that an emulator is detected (even though SecuROM loader should hide it)

    Can anyone help me?

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    Okay, try this. Uninstall DT 4 and reboot. Create a Proper Image with Alc 120% and/or grab a Proper *mds file from and replace it with yours. Install DT4 (THAW must be installed) and run the game with Anti Securom 1.1 from the database.
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      Yeah, i'm not really that tech-savvy, so uh.

      How would i create a proper image, and/or get an mds file?


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        (Sorry for the double post)

        I made the mds, uninstalled DT, rebooted, installed DT again, mounted the mds on DT, tried loading with Anti SecuROM 1.1 and it says that the original disc cannot be authenticated. Also tried mounting on A120, and i got the same message.

        Finally tried CureROM again, but that didn't work either. I get the messages:

        "CureROM could not start it's anti-blacklist measures. Try restarting your computer, if the error persists, please contact"

        "CureROM encountered an error while unloading its Anti-Blacklist measures, it is recommended that you restart your computer."

        :/ I wonder how whoever tested with CureROM got it to work.

        Thanks for any help in advance.


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          The error experienced in CureROM on some pc's will be fixed in the next release, it will be out very soon...

          But it still sounds like you have a bad image... do you have any starforce games installed...?
          When StarForce is installed it messes up the DPM on images...!
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            Yeah, when you create your image in Alcohol use the SafeDisk 2/3 setting.
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              use "sr7.stop" v1.2


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                I think it's protected by Securom 7, so if it's on CD use the Securom 4/5 profile or if it's on DVD just enable the data position meaurement option in the reading settings of the image making wizard of Alcohol 1205 and choose the high precision and a slow speed for reading the DPM.
                Then use CureROM or AntisecuROM (Securom Loader) for antiblacklisting.
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                  to sYk0: I believe that the only Starforce game i have on my comp is Trackmania Nations.

                  to techno4me: I've used SR7.stop v1.2. When THAW is run with SR7.stop hiding DT/Alcohol, i'll get "A required security module cannot be activated"

                  to AnalCobra: It's on CD, so i would use the SecuROM 4/5 profile on alcohol?


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                    Right, SecuROM 4/5 profiule and not like i said SafeDisk 2/3. Sorry my mistake ^^
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                      How would i do that? >_>; Sorry.

                      And just to be safe: I'm supposed to make the image with the Securom 4/5 profile?


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                        Download Alcohol 120% ( and install it. Then use the image making wizard of Alcohol for creating your image. Choose the Securom 4.x/5.x profile in the first window which'll be showing up when you start the image making wizard. Then choose the mds file format and the directory where you want to save the image. After that press start and choose a slow speed for the DPM, you'll be asked for choosing it after you press start. Wait until the image is created successful and then mount it with DT.
                        Use CureROM, AntisecuROM (Securom Loader) or SR7Stop (1.2) for antiblacklisting.
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                          Try this on the thaw.exe :
                          Search for it in the installation folder (like C:\Program Files\THAW\Game\THAW.exe)
                          Right click and choose properties, select Compatibility > compatibility mode > "Windows 98" or "windows 2000".
                          Try to play using your prefered securom antiblacklist software : i don't know which one would work with that trick, just try, nothing to loose here !
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                            if you want to play with a image of THAW the only thing you can do is to do a very good image and then use Securom Loader


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                              AnalCobra: When i did that, it seemed to work, although verification was taking longer than usual. It ended up giving me the message, "Disc verification is taking longer than expected. Try again?", or something to that extent. When i pressed Try again, it tried to verify, then gave me the could not be authenticated message.

                              rip_pit: I tried that, and it didn't work, sadly. =[