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  • Apologies

    Hi to all the supporters of Y.A.S.U and DAEMON-Tools,

    I would like to apologize for my long leave of absence, things at home and work have been a little hectic over the last couple of months...

    I know have some free time again to work on a newer version of Y.A.S.U...

    I'll keep you all updated on the progress of the mewer version...

    Kind Regards,
    curerom @

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    thats nice


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      You don't have to appologize, since Y.A.S.U. is made on your free time... no free time, no Y.A.S.U.
      Carpe diem


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        Good to hear from you sYk0 Still I wish there was some way to donate to you for all the good work you've done for us. Without YASU we'd be quite desperate


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          That's cool and great sYk0


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            yup, ditto
            my views are 100% personal views..


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              great to have u back sYk0! your work is always greatly apreciated.
              My sysProfile!


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                WElcome Back! You dont need to apologise to us, we should be thanking you!! for returning, hoping for the new Y.A.S.U to release soon

                Good Luck!


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                  thnx sYk0
                  you're doing great!


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                    I don't know about you guys but i feel that this time around and i hate to admit this. but I think we lost the drm battle for many of the following reasons.

                    1.Copy protections keeps getting updated too fast on patch releases and it is getting stronger or harder to bypass. Especially with newer titles.

                    2.Getting tired of the waiting game to just play the game without the disc. Especially games like Crysis. Which would be a new title to look forward to upon release.

                    Don't want to even imagine what kind of drm that game is going to have. whichever the case might be i am just going to install it and leave the disc in the drive and forget about it untill i played and beat the game or had enough of it.

                    thats why its better to have more than one CD/DVD drive just pop in the disc and forget it. its not like you be using the drive for something else. Or if you do need to use it just use the second one or third one problem solved the end.

                    Thats my strategy for now untill i see a permanent solution that can make both sides happy. This cat & mouse game is getting ridiculous.

                    Thats one thing i like about steam it uses no optical disc to play and yet its legit you buy and download off their server and register the game, and then you backup your registration file and your good to go.

                    3. I also feel that most has given in because i am one of them i lost my patience with these copy protections. As per new copy protection being released its getting longer and longer to bypass and that drives me nuts

                    And i wouldn't be surprise to see a 1.10 patch knowing ea. why because i notice couple of bugs in 1.09 patch so this game is not done being patched yet. At least the game only verifies the disc and everything loads off the hard drive where as consoles have to load off bluray or hd-dvd or dual layer dvd.

                    And lastly these gaming companies better be taking notes what valve is doing because it works and makes both sides happy. By nature of the PC you really don't need a disc to play they just want to force that upon us to prevent piracy which thats fine and all but this is not the way to do this. I hope there can be a solution to this where you can just solely play without the disc and yet making it difficult to pirate.

                    your loyal PC Gamer


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                      It is no drm (digital rights management). You are referring to copy protection.
                      Make something idiot proof, but then they just make a better idiot
                      Peace Through Power


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                        Technically speaking, you're right Blazkowicz. However, philosophically speaking, DRM is not an entirely innacurate term to refer to copy protections. They do, after all, manage your rights to use the program/game by forcing you to use the original disc, and they are a digital solution. So in it's own way, it is a form of DRM, even if it isn't actually a true DRM.


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                          yup have to agree there, disk based drm (license is the disk kind of), key file / registry / activation drm (like dt pro kind of) and so on.. all variations on drm.. still drm none the less
                          my views are 100% personal views..


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                            i don't mind getting my original disks, when i make a image and it doesn't work because of the copy protection, it will work a few months later.
                            so the first weeks i am playing with original discs and after that i use my images.
                            i think thats a good solution.
                            i don't like the steam thing, i want something solid, a game with a disc and book(which i can read when the game installs).


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                              I hate to be the one to say it but I totally hate CD/DVD's.......

                              Now you have to understand that I work for a LAN center as the Head Tech.... for so long Daemon Tools has been their for us (and any other lan center in existence) and with YASU it makes offering such a wide variety of games possible

                              However in order to make the most slick gaming pc's NO CD/DVD ROM's are in use here... we have 80 SFF PC's 40 copies of every game we offer (and lic management) and as such not having a working YASU or Daemon Tools is not really something we can live with...

                              For being Head Tech I make shit and always am scraping by otherwise I would love to donate like $200 to sYk0 to fuel his desire for this project... so please don't let this die otherwise you kill any LAN Center's chance of being fully functional and a great place to be for all their gaming needs!....

                              (already C&C3 with latest patch we have had to temporarily remove from our games list along with a few others... BF2142 being another one with its halfway map loading glitch with the EA Downloader files copied....)

                              As always BIG thanks to sYk0 and the Daemon Tools Team please keep it alive maybe one day the gaming industry will realize the folly they are partaking in... (like EA's latest overview of how the gaming industry isn't going to continue working as it currently is)


                              nXLevL/EMPulse `W1nGZ3r0`