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List of broken forum images

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  • List of broken forum images

    This is a list of broken forum images that Locutus can fix when he gets around to it. I figure the cause is that the board-soft was purchased in german and the smiley's point to german filenames and some of them have been renamed to English and others not.

    Thread has been moved (redirect icon)

    Moderated small smiley

    Moderated normal smiley

    Sad smiley
    I think the sad smiley is the same as icon9.gif :

    Feel free to edit this post with updates


    Originally Posted by LooDos
    i discovered a bug in the forum and PM reply menu.
    the wink smilie is listed twice.

    it's the first and the last smilie. :wink:

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    The issue reported by LooDos is still present. There are still two wink images. The moderated images are missing still (i'm sure you know). Also the following may be a vB bug but i'll report about it here:

    Step 1: Click on a forum (eg. 'Daemon Tools SUPPORT')
    Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the threads list where it says Page 1 of 194. Click the All link. (ex:
    Step 3: Click on any page. For example page 2 (
    The Result is 4 issues:
    1) The url becomes 'forumdisplay.php/showthread.php' which LOOKS WRONG
    2) Images don't show in the thread listing webpage
    3) Clicking a thread by its name gives an invalid thread message
    4) Clicking a thread by the link in the last post column reload the thread list webpage
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006


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      It was for a short time fixed (the smilies) but I broke it again
      only few days later with a new code.

      What concerns the trouble with the "All" -Pageoption, this is
      a bug not caused by vB itself but one of our many plugins we
      have running and which I will take attention to, soon (hope-

      The smilies and other bugs I discovered additionally are fixed
      within the next week, the bugs with the "All"-Pageoption is
      fixed hopefully in the next weeks

      Thank you for pointing that out - I totally forgot about the
      smilies and the "All"-issue - shame on me