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Disc-soft error, after error after error.

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  • Disc-soft error, after error after error.

    Hi, I came here to try and buy a key for 4.3 pro.

    To put it shortly.

    Everything seemed fine, followed the links to which I wanted to buy, then I found out I have to regisiter. Tried that, Error "Failed to connect" ok.....every other site works. I tried my iphone..that worked?

    Ok, so I try to login on my PC....error, failed to connect.

    Try on my iphone, worked.

    Ok, I cant login on my pc so I just do the rest on my iphone as annoying as it is.

    Got everything, regisitered, bought the soft, and now I got to dl it.

    Well I cant cause I cant login on the PC thats needs it.

    So I used a laptop that my brother has, and that works fine too? Same internet router.

    Send the key to me and software and try to install it.
    Says my evaluatioon period is up? Okay, never had it on this PC (Fresh new installtion of vista.)

    I try to install, full paid version of the key I just bought and I keep getting the same exact error I got on the site.


    Oh and im also posting here because I tried sending a message to them...but guess what? Type up a message, clicked send...FAILED TO CONNECT

    What the hell?

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    Check out your firewall and hosts file.
    Make something idiot proof, but then they just make a better idiot
    Peace Through Power


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      I checked the internet on this "hosts" file, and its supposed to be in system32/etc right?

      There's not one in there.

      I use Vista x86 ultimate, is there anyway I can download it from the net?


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        It is in Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
        Make something idiot proof, but then they just make a better idiot
        Peace Through Power


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          i am having exactly the same problem...everytime it switches to the secure.disc-soft address, it will not connect.
          I tried from my laptop and it works fine, tried from my iphone, fine....but that's not where i want daemon so i will not buy it until i can access from the proper computer. Can you be a bit more specific on the "check your firewall and hosts file"?? The internet i know what must be done but what about the hosts file??? what must i do with them?



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            I'm having the same problem, even on machines that I know connected to disc-soft before.

            Since I just reformatted my computers to put Win7 on them, and I now seem to have 2 user licences that I can't use because I can't activate the software, I'll be contacting my credit card company and filing a dispute to get my money back.

            This is definitely a problem on the website's side, not mine or yours.

            Now I get:

            Sorry, Server is NOT Available!
            Please Try Again Later...

            Credit card company here I come...this is fraud! Sell a product you can't use... I'll just pirate it next time.
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              You are a bit wrong.
              It seems you haven't heard of maintenance works.
              Make something idiot proof, but then they just make a better idiot
              Peace Through Power


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                When you sell software that requires online activation, you are not allowed to bring down the activation servers and website entirely. You have failed to provide the service I paid for.

                I work in the web industry, 0 downtime is possible, and required when running a service like yours. When you take down one server to do maintenance, a second should takes its place to continue to provide the service people are paying for.

                Not having a backup for when the server goes down, for whatever reason, is idiot.


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                  Well, it is only a possibility and normally there aren't any downtime.
                  Also it is possible something else like hosts file or security software is blocking DT.

                  Also is it working for you now or not as it is working very very fine here (also when i posted before)?

                  If you felt offended, i'm sorry.
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                  Make something idiot proof, but then they just make a better idiot
                  Peace Through Power


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                    Yes, it is working, and as I said eventually I could get to the site but was only given an error message about the server not being available. So obviously it was a site related issue.