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  • New threads/posts from the 'past'...

    Here's the problem... I read a few threads yesterday which were marked as new threads/posts when I was done I logged out no problems here.
    Here come's the tricky part as I just logged in all main categories of the forum were marked as unread, when I enter one of them the last two pages of threads/posts are marked as unread also the ones I read yesterday and got no new posts.
    Even though I don't read all new threads/posts I know from other vBulletin boards once logged out and then logged in all threads/posts are unmarked as long as there's no new threads/posts since my last login.
    This happend a few times the last days maybe it's my fault/settings although I cleared my cookies and cache and got no problems at other boards using vBulletin?

    p.s. I hope my problem description is not too confusing.

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    That's because the tracking system was changed. It's working much better now than before, but during the transition, the visited stats were messed up. Just mark all forums read once, it should be working fine then.
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      Seems to work now, thanks.