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avast! Home Users: How to download DAEMON TOOLS PRO

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  • avast! Home Users: How to download DAEMON TOOLS PRO

    avast! users are having trouble downloading Daemon Tools Pro because avast! now detects different kinds of malware including adware and spyware and some of it cannot be disabled without disabling avast!

    Here is a working method for downloading Daemon Tools Pro without disabling avast! Home.
    1. Click your blue ball (yeah, avast! users should know what that means). (It's the avast! logo in the Notification Area formerly known as the System Tray.)
    2. In dialog that opens, on left, select Web Shield (it's probably at the bottom of the list).
    3. Near top, click Customize.
    4. In dialog that opens, click the Exceptions tab.
    5. Under 1. URLs to exclude, click Add.
    6. In exceptions box, type the following exactly:
      and press the Enter key.
    7. Then click OK to close dialog and accept changes.
    8. Then click OK to close the main dialog.

    Now go and use the normal download procedure. Once download is finished, if you want to remove the exception, simply repeat steps 1 - 4, select that URL you typed, click Remove, then steps 7 & 8.

    Hope that helps. If it doesn't work, carefully check that you are typing the URL and wildcards exactly as they are above and make sure you have updated avast!. If neither of those work, check the URL in the download dialog to see if you are downloading from a URL other than mirror? and, if so, post it here and I will post another wildcard Exception.

    (If any moderator knows all the official download URLs and PMs me, I will make up and test wildcard URLs for them all and post them.)

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    Thanks for the help