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  • Why...?

    So... I figure, hell, I'll go and download Daemon Tools so I can play Warcraft 3 again, seeing as how my disc got a crack all the way down it.

    Ok, so I download Daemon Tools 4.11 Lite.
    With Daemon Tools comes a program called AdVantage.
    With AdVantage comes a program called SpyGuardPro.
    With SpyGuardPro comes a program called Command
    With Command comes a program called Outerinfo
    With Outerinfo comes a program called WinBucks
    With WinBucks comes a program called WinAble
    WinAble shuts down Task Manager
    WinAble cannot be removed from your computer, as trying results in a system crash.
    WinAble has now opened 4 Microsoft Internet Explorer's
    WinAble has changed my desktop to something about you need virus protection, etc. and names my IP address.
    WinAble's Internet Explorer's have now frozen, and will not allow me to see my desktop.

    The problem I see with this is, Why in the FUCK did you kill my computer Daemon Tools?

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    AdVantage - is opt-out DT Lite ad sponsor module (you can uncheck it during installation or uninstall later)

    All other mentioned programs obviously are not bundled with DT Lite.

    Please clarify your situation.


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      While downloading DT Lite 4.11, I saw no place to uncheck to stop it from downloading AdVantage.

      And I don't know what happened from there, but regardless of if it was DT or not, the download could have subjected me to the trojan which infected my computer right after downloading.

      Yes, I downloaded off the main page.

      Now that I've reformated, maybe I'll try again... Or I'll just try and find 4.06 again

      Sorry to rant, but I was pissed at the time


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        As Alco said, only the AdVantage adware is included with DTools, and you can deselect it during setup. The rest of that stuff had to have come from other sources. That's the only explanation. Others have willingly chosen to install the adware, and they've never encountered your problem, so it had to have been pre-existing on your system, or some other program you installed at the same time.


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          AdVantage is advertising software which is certified by TRUSTe as a Trusted Download. (

          Click here to read about WhenU's certification for its safe and consumer-controlled downloadable software

          To learn more about this certification with TRUSTe, visit