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Advantagesetup.exe in V. 4.12

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  • Advantagesetup.exe in V. 4.12

    1. I'm totally new to this software and alas downloaded all of the adware onto my laptop. I've read through the posts and most of the older posts reference WhenU or a toolbar.
    During instalation of v. 4.12 my firewall popped up a warning that "advantagesetup.exe" was trying to access the internet. I blocked it, but i am worried that it is installed somewere on my PC. It appears nowhere on the Add/remove programs list.
    Can someone post where Advantage setup would be on the hard drive and how to uninstall it? A full list of adware in version 4.12 would be useful, followed by location/removal instructions. Reading the posts there is a lot of bickering about check boxes, etc. But for users who got stuck with the adware, some kind of sticky with removal instructions would be very helpful.
    2. My homepage was changed too. I just rechanged it back to google. Is that all I need to do, or is some program going to keep trying to change it back to the Daemon search page? If so, any removal instructions on this would be helpful.

    All I will add about the adware was that the download page didn't mention it, and that it was my bad for breezing through the install and assuming there was no adware. But I really want to get all adware off my PC.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe it's listed as WhenU under control panel Add/Remove programs
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