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Smart Shopper in DT Lite 4.12.1

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  • Smart Shopper in DT Lite 4.12.1

    Deat DT Community,

    In version DT Lite 4.12.1 there is opt-out ad sponsor module made by company
    (TRUSTe certified product: for more info please see:

    It is Internet browser add-on so there is no unexpected intrusive pop-ups or pop-unders for users.

    What is SmartShopper?
    Created by shoppers like you, SmartShopper makes online shopping simpler and more reliable.

    Fast, easy to use, and free – with SmartShopper, you can always be sure that you're getting the best deals from the best merchants, while still shopping how and where you want. SmartShopper gives you timely advice on where and what to buy, offers you unbiased opinions from other users and experts, and suggests alternative product options when relevant.

    A Great Deal is Not Always About Low Price
    SmartShopper realizes that consumers define great deals by more than just price. To help them make smarter decisions, SmartShopper offers:
    SmartShopper Shopping Results, Product Reviews, Store Reviews and eBay Results.

    * Accurate Price Totals
    See the real price of what you're buying, with no hidden shipping charges or booking fees.

    * Product Specifications
    Detailed product information and pictures, along with direct links to vendor sites with even more information.

    * Consumer Reviews
    Real-world insight on millions of products from real users.

    * Store Ratings
    Objective shopper feedback on merchant customer service and shipping track records.

    * Hotel Star Ratings
    Hotel star-rating verification prior to booking.

    * Currency Flexibility
    Prices in the local or preferred currency.

    * Auctions Listings
    Relevant offers from eBay and Amazon Marketplace with real-time bids.

    * Most Popular Products
    List of similar or related products other users have purchased.

    How Does SmartShopper Work?
    When you go shop online, SmartShopper identifies the exact product or service you are looking for, and intelligently appears in a separate browser pane (also called a sidebar) with relevant alternative offers

    In the sidebar, through our network of partners, we scan literally thousands of merchants to find the best online deals, and conveniently deliver them straight to you in the sidebar.

    SmartShopper will be activated when you are on an e-commerce site and ONLY appear when it finds a relevant match for a specific product or service you are looking to purchase.

    Since we are not affiliated with any specific vendor, all of our offers are unbiased, objective, and extremely reliable. Since we understand that shopping can be a different experience for everyone – we are committed to providing as much information as possible, allowing you to make the most informed decision and feel confident about your purchase.

    A Feature-Rich Interface
    The intuitive SmartShopper sidebar interface includes:

    * Smart Automatic Search
    As consumers shop, SmartShopper also finds alternative offers to the product or travel itinerary for which they're looking, and automatically displays them in the browser sidebar.

    * Manual Search
    Shoppers can click on either the Shopping or Travel icons on their Internet toolbar to open the SmartShopper sidebar and start a manual search.

    * Snooze Option
    Users can customize SmartShopper, disabling the automatic search feature.

    * Customization
    Users can choose from a rich set of customization options, including:
    o Choosing the online environment in which SmartShopper should appear (e.g. vendor sites, auction sites, search engines, etc.).
    o Entering local zip code to automatically calculate shipping costs.
    o Defining a default home airport code for travel, and default number of travelers – including ages.