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Why is SmartShopper Safe?

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  • Why is SmartShopper Safe?

    * SmartShopper is downloaded only with your complete knowledge and express consent.

    * Both during installation and day-to-day use, SmartShopper does not collect any personally identifiable information from you.

    * Any information collected by SmartShopper about web usage is completely anonymous, collected in an aggregate manner and not associated in any way with you.

    * SmartShopper provides no information about your online shopping activity to any third party except as required for the software to function. This means that we send our trusted content providers (some of the most respectable companies in the online travel and shopping industries) only anonymous information about your shopping queries, in order to provide you with the most relevant and unbiased information.

    * SmartShopper delivers only what you ask it to deliver - comparative offers for products or travel services. SmartShopper does not bother you with any popups or activate any functionality whatsoever that is not exactly what you expected when you downloaded and installed the software.

    * SmartShopper includes no surprising browser add-ons or other applications. The presence of SmartShopper on your computer is clearly identifiable - both the Internet Explorer toolbar buttons and the sidebar window, when opened, are clearly labeled with links to explanations about SmartShopper.

    * SmartShopper can be easily and completely uninstalled from your computer through the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs dialog.

    SmartShopper believes that your privacy, safety, and comfort are the building blocks of our success if you have any questions about the above, please contact us.