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  • FIX Daemon Search Replacing Google

    Who ever it was that came up with the brilliant idea of seeing weather people liked google or daemon tools more... Hats off to you. I can't tell you how long it took me to find the solution. This is to help people who found the moderators who tried answering similar questions equally useless.

    To turn off the viral daemon search replacement and change it back to google search on Mozilla Firefox, simple click on the little arrow on the daemon search bar and that will drop down a list of search providers. Select the google image and you are done.

    For those of you using IE ... don't...

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    now hmm, what makes it 'viral' exactly?
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      Virus is a vague term. Anything undesirable on your computer can be viral. But you are right I am just pissed.

      I was so friggen upset after losing google the other day. I just trust certain sites not to screw with my computer like that. When you are going down an install list, you only really look closely at the list when you are expecting them to install some weird products you don't need... I thought better of Daemon Tools...

      In my opinion you should have the box unchecked and warn a user what it does before letting him check it. Then find another place to put it other than the google search bar!!! Right now nothing comes remotely close to rivaling google. why would you want to compete with a name that popular...


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        It doesn't cover all parts of IE but there is the forum sticky: Tutorial: Removing all search toolbars in Firefox and IE
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        net helpmsg 4006


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          Change or choose a search provider in Internet Explorer
          Search bar in FireFox
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            Right now i am using IE. whitch tool is more better for me because now i want to use Daemon tool. i think it will help me.


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              Ok this problem is kinda related to the ones everyone is having with the whole Daemon search thing. But mines different. Its not that it loads it instead of my Google but as well as it. It loads the daemon search page along side my Google search page. I am using Firefox. I have Windows XP. I have uninstalled Daemon tools lite form my pc and it still does it. I just want to load my internet without having 2 pages come up. I have looked for these items you mentioned before in the add and remove programs list but no such luck. Any ideas please let me know. I love Daemon tools and want to keep using it but this prob is just bugging me. Thanks


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                Open the Firefox Options and select the General panel.
                In the Home Page text box delete the pipe (|) and the whole DAEMON part.
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