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Downloading Daemon Tools on website..

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  • Sway
    Please specify a web site which made you confused.

    Concerning adware installation together with DAEMON Tools (toolbars, Google Chrome, etc.), please note that these components are abolutely optional. You can disable them in setup wizard.

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  • Malakie
    started a topic Downloading Daemon Tools on website..

    Downloading Daemon Tools on website..


    I have been a user of Daemon Tools from the beginning. I have one licensed copy but I use the free version on my daughters computers. Today I went to install it on a new computer for my landlords son. He went to the download page, clicked the BIG ASS download button and let the system proceed to install after I told him to go to the site and download the free lite version for now.

    I understand you make your money with advertising. But to trick people into downloading and installing that crap, AD toolbars and other stuff is extremely misleading. I had to spend a couple hours cleaning out the system after he installed what he thought was the daemon tools download. I went to the page myself to make sure he downloaded the right thing this time only to do the same thing he did!!

    One little tiny link is all that exists for the actual download and THAT is sitting right above an AD that say it is it is ad supported - leading one to think that link is the AD tool download.. and basically making it appear the legit link is an ad downloading link and the download button is what you are supposed to click to get DT. I would bet close to 100% of people that go to that page the first few times do the same thing.

    Like I said I understand you ad support the free versions but to mislead people like this causing people like me to have to spend hours cleaning out this stuff is not right no matter how good DT is AND more important is costing you sales overall.. why? Because his mother, who was going to pay for a license, now is refusing to do so because of what happened to his new computer right out of the box after installing all that crap. Again remember he is not me or you and was only following instructions and doing the obvious.

    Taking care of the users and your reputation is much more important than a few ad dollars. In the long run keeping the user happy will in the end make you more money that fooling people and pissing them off. Had this not happened there would have been a sale of DT Pro but now my landlords mother refuses to even talk about it because she is so pissed off.

    I too had planned on another license purchase but even I have to admit that this affected me and the way I look at DT. I will probably buy another license still but I just wanted to say that you may want to re-think how you have your web site laid out even if it is the free ad supported version.