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    So, clearly there's been a lot of talk about malware/spyware from downloading DT. Clearly DT has ignored this, but now it's worse than ever. I got malware from simply updating the lite version. And yes, I downloaded straight off the website. As soon as it finished updating a new program shows up, speedupmyregistry, as well as some little app launcher.

    So I'm already pissed. I saw no options to avoid, but I can uninstall it, so I do. Then speedupmypc shows up. And it goes on and on. Each time one is installed, the other shows up. I run malware bytes, spybot, etc. all that stuff. Find some stuff, get rid of it, restart, problem persists. Now I'm really annoyed, so I go the extra mile this time. I get some other programs, delete more stuff, restart, still have it. This time I run the programs again, as well as run some other thing for good measure, and go ahead and delete DT. This time, it's gone for good. It took a few hours, but at least it's gone for good.

    Now, I can't be positive that deleting DT was the cure (although I suspect it), but there's no doubt in my mind that it was the catalyst for this to start. It's far too much of a coincidence that it appears the instant that it finishes updating, especially considering that was the single change on my computer by that point of the day. I've seen the admin whining on here that people don't know what's going on with their computers, but it seems to me that the DT team is too incompetent to understand what's going on with their own program. It's amazing how shady the advertising part of this program has been for several years now, and it seems to me that they're purposely ignoring this and trying to distance themselves as much as they can with the lame "we don't handle it" excuse. It's part of your program, so you do handle it.

    It's amazing how hard they're trying to blame everyone else for the malware, but the only common denominator here is installing/updating DaemonTools. The fact that some parts of the forums are locked and requiring a review of every post by the admin should be enough to make it clear that it's not the users at fault. I'm aware that not every user is getting this, but enough are that anyone looking at this program should seriously reconsider. It works great, but the risk is too high for me to install this crap again. My best guess is that DT essentially opens a backdoor for advertisers, which allows them the opportunity to put unwanted crap on computers.

    Not to mention, the latest update apparently bricks the program, so it's fairly obvious that the devs have no clue what they're doing.

    TL;DR: Freeware isn't free, and there's a chance you'll get malware just by updating the program, probably safer to download any random torrent. Another DT user lost for good.

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    Originally Posted by chimpsmith View Post
    The fact that some parts of the forums are locked and requiring a review of every post by the admin should be enough to make it clear that it's not the users at fault.
    The only posts regarding "Ad sponsors" which were deleted/not approved are the ones where people are swearing vilely - and even some of those were approved.

    Regarding "Moderated Posts" in general: if you would see the enormous number of spam per day you would think differently.
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