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Possible problems with Anti-Spyware and "DAEMON Tools WhenU Search"

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  • Possible problems with Anti-Spyware and "DAEMON Tools WhenU Search"

    We have finally been able to release version 4 of Daemon Tools.
    Never before have we had such problems during beta testing caused by third parties! We are using new technologies from WhenU to present a new and improved user interface and desktop footprint. We have worked with WhenU in designing and developing this new product, that through WhenUs support we are able to give for FREE.

    Contact the anti-spyware companies that might interfere with your use of our latest release of the software and LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF THEIR PRODUCTS!

    As you encounter problems with anti-spyware software post the case to this board.
    As you find contact information for each anti-spyware company post the contact information this board.

    That we can ALL contact every one of this companies and learn what it the problem with their anti-spyware software marks .

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    What do you mean...
    Have WhenU been involved in developing the DT... ?!
    ..or just the adware (seach bar) ?

    If they have been involved in DT's "improved user interface" that couldn't have been a big job. DT has no UI to talk about

    What problems are you talking about ?
    Should anti-adware products stop users from 1) using DT or do you mean that they stop the 2) (standalone ?)-adware, or do you mean that 3) the adware are in the daemon.exe or one of it's files (just disabled if you choose not to install it) ?!

    In case of
    1] That they shouldn't do. IF ! DT has no builtin adware ofcourse. If DT has builtin adware 3] then I should say that there are doing there job and shouldn't be blamed of doing it.
    If they stop the 2] search bar that is also there job.

    Vik .. Can you please clarify what you mean about your post.


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      (considered to rework my remark a little bit so it
      doesnt sound too scary)

      WhenU is rated critical by Adaware database of the date
      when i posted this.

      (this doesnt necessarily mean that its really harmful and
      its status is currently on probation to be lowered in threat by lavasoft,
      i also of course do believe the DT Folks if they say that its cool)

      I removed it and it does not seem to affect the use of the
      4.x if removed. And to clarify i removed it with adaware since
      i had NO uninstaller in my Software control panel for some mysterious
      reason. I just wanted to make clear that the removal with anti ad
      software did not screw things up in any way. nuf said ^^

      ( 3rd day of paying registration and have not received any liscence yet :p,
      waiting for XMAS huh ? )
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      Guys vote for the threads you read to give
      the rating system a place to live ^^


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        As it is not required to install it, of course it does not effect the use of Daemon Tools if you remove it.
        Everybody be cool! You, be cool!
        They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!


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          If you're wondering about their rating that's because WhenU changed their business practices about 13 months ago but Lavasoft hasn't updated their database yet.
          the modern world:
          net helpmsg 4006


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            DT Searchbar

            Well of course DT Searchbar, version 1 is not perfect.
            But we do hope that after having good feedback from our users we can produce a much better DTSB version 2: which will have nicer integration with DT.

            As far as WhenU is concerned, they changed A LOT their business practices and definitely their products are NOT spyware!
            For more info please look at:

            or what people and news sources say about WhenU:

            further, if you do have some privacy concerns you may contact them by E-mail directly at:

            or please your post your privacy warning information or concerns right here and we will try to contact WhenU as well in order to obtain their comments and explanations!

            As far as antyspyware are concerned:
            Some Anty-spyware companies are now reconsidering WhenU products threat status as well.
            Please for example take a look where Lavasoft lowered WhenU SaveNow/Save threat level:

            DT team hopes that majority of our users will understand that we reallay need these revenues and in the same time we do NOT want that DAEMON Tools Searchbar will deliver some kind of persistent and naggaing links!

            We do need your feedback guys in order to make it better in version 2!
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              to: kallecula

              Of course DT has no any kind of built in adware.

              DT Searchbar is product of WhenU and DT team.

              If possible, please clarify again your questions