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Thank you for not forcing the adware

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  • Thank you for not forcing the adware

    I am happy that you don't force the adware on everyone that downloads DT 4. That is the problem with a bunch of the other free software out there. They tell you that there isn't any spyware/adware in thier software. Now to anyone that complains about the adware with DT 4 all I have to say shut up. They don't force you to install it. They even tell you that it is there and that you don't have to install it.

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    I agree completley! I'm always glad when free software gives such clear indications asking you "do you want to install it or not?" and give you clear information on it. Just in fact of this, I did install the toolbar, to support the DT team, they deserve what support I can give .


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      We are really thankful to users who prefer to install DT SearchBar and therefore help us possible to continue distributing DT4 for free! (for non-commercial purposes)

      We are hoping to improve this current version of DT Searchbar in order to make it more convenient and useful for our loayal users.


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        Im not sure how everyone is missing the fact that the installation makes you agree to install whenU right at the end. Yes you can check the option near the beginning of the installation not to install the toolbar, but as mentioned in a thread I started entitled '100% cpu usage' if you do not agree to install whenU right at the end the 'next' button is greyed out, not forcing?


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          That's not true, I also answered in your 100%-thread, so please continue there.
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            um i installed both (shall we say extended packages?) to help out DT, how is DT given credit for this? Would the credit be withdrawn if I uninstall them now for testing purposes (suspect them of causing some conflicts). THanks, i don't believe this has been mentioned before or mentioned enough.


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              please tell me why i got the spy/malwares by installing d tools then?


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                Originally Posted by lottobear
                please tell me why i got the spy/malwares by installing d tools then?
                You must have done something wrong then. I installed DT 4.03 on my laptop yesterday and I don't have any spy/malware. All I did was untick the toolbar option.

                There's a lot of software that contains spy/malware without telling you, so you must have got it from something other than Daemon Tools.
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                  Don't you think this is just causing too much trouble?


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                    Originally Posted by laboye
                    Don't you think this is just causing too much trouble?
                    Can you suggest some other way to help finance the developement of Daemon Tools?

                    There is the option to register the software but it seems only a very small percentage of users are prepared to do that. I think the voluntary option of installing or not installing the searchbar is favourable for those that want to give back something but don't want to put their hands in their pockets & give a contribution.

                    After all, the more resources gathered the faster the developement of DT


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                      Thubs up for that disable option also from me!

                      I hate SaveNow because i don't can trust it...
                      That's why i make my choise, and register DT to support project and still i have good mind after disable that Adware. DT PRO with vIDE is still deffently one large plus from DT team... Thanks about greation of it - i also be one that wait it DT PRO impatient.

                      That SaveNow has get quite scary points in Ad-Aware scan on my system, so i have been uninstalled it and move to use other player. I have been use also BSplayer, but it is too expensive and still not fully work. Also it has now that stupid SaveNow and it's installer forse to install also it. Thats why i have removed whole BSplayer from system, and currently use Media Player Classic.
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                        Don't get all hot and heavy people. I hate adware but what Daemon Tools is in fact doing is giving you 2 options to pay-with adware or with money for a good virtual drive despite the issue I posted in a thread which only shows up on my XP Pro box. I choose to keep my pc clean and give the developers of programs money but that's just me. Someone without the funds may choose to have the adware. I don't like the option, but it's an extra choice on the table instead of a limited version or a pay or don't use policy.