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  • update on the issue

    the trojaned version of Daemon Tools that was available on
    is now replaced by our original file.

    The trojaned file was "infected" with Win32.Qrap - a dropper that seems to
    install adware stuff ( stuff). We already proof
    legal actions against illegal DT-bundler who try to profit from DaemonTools

    The ORIGINAL filesize is about 492KB

    md5-checksum: FE36EF3ABF2589BEF67F0113F40FF845

    if checksum doesn't fit, it's NOT an original filepackage anymore and you
    should be carefull. If you're not sure, you can also ask us directly. Don't
    send us unwanted files, only email us text, we will then decide whether we
    need the affected file or not later.

    OFFICIAL announcement:
    For those of you who want to read the highly anticipated DaemonTools News
    and are dissapointed now - the next news about DaemonTools (V4/Pro) is to be announced on:
    Saturday, 02:00pm