Dear Community,

long time no see

As promised, we again (although we prefer to not unreveal too much)
give you a quick look to what is coming soon. DT Pro leaved the internal
tests and it's now (soon) up for the beta-tester-crew to find the last
bugs we overlooked (for sure) here and there. The development of V4 is also nearly finished

There are parts of which we're all a little bit pride, although it's still in
development, we made several steps forward to the world first IDE-virtual-drive.
Here, some work has to be done. It is planned to integrate it later (couple of
months) to DT Pro as new IDE-adapter-plugin, so you can chose between the usual
scsi-stuff and the new ide-device. You surely understand that we give NO
further technical details about it, it's confidential and we even thought to
maybe NOT reveal the pure existence, but then we decided to at least
let you all know about it so you see there's indeed a bomb coming soon

Another interesting modul will be the on-the-fly-encryption/decryption of
images and the planned authoring of cd/dvd's (we're negotiating with other
companies about development, so you better not expect it to be ready soon after
release. It is, however, planned.

The whole status of the project is frozen now, that means that no new funcionality
is added (to the core) and now the external beta-phase is next step.

As usual, we give NO release date. But as internal beta-phase was already performed,
we didn't expect to much "resistance" here

EDIT: the next announcement is to be released on Saturday, 23 July, 02:00 PM (that means 14:00 for those who didn't understood it in the last announcement )