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  • Reboot Conflict

    I posted this at another forum but I thought that I could acquire better advice here, because Daemon-Tools seems to be part of the issue:

    "Alright, this is a really weird problem. I have a bunch of programs installed on my PC that create virtual CD-drives on my PC, such as Daemon-Tools, Alchohol 120%, and Nero. But somewhere along the line, something must have conflicted.

    The problem began when I first tried uninstalling Daemon-Tools because it gave me a "no language support found" message everytime it attempted to start up. But after I uninstalled it, my PC automatically rebooted and when it got to the desktop, it told me that it had found new hardware. I ended up installing something along the lines of a "PnP bios" and something concerning a SCSI RAID controller as a result. After rebooting again and getting to the desktop, the PC began to reboot everytime it reached the desktop so I couldn't even get to system restore. I had to restore my computer through XP's recover console.

    I have Daemon-Tools uninstalled now, but it seems that the virtual drive that it had implemented is still there. Also, the other virtual drive in my system that was created by another program (Alcohol 120%) also reboots my PC automatically when I try to remove the virtual drive.

    If I try to disable or remove any of these virtual drives under the XP device manager ("AXV CD/DVD-ROM SCSI Cdrom Device" and "CD-ROM Drive") the PC will automatically reboot by itself. What is the deal? In another thread, it was advised to remove Plug and Play BIOS (I have two for some reason) under System, but if I touch these, the PC automatically reboots.

    They have got to be conflicting with each other in a way that reboots my machine automatically. If I look under the properties of both virtual drives, they are sharing the same location, which is "Bus Number 0, Target ID 0, LUN 0". They shouldn't be sharing the same location, right?

    Well, I really don't know how to solve this issue."

    Well, that's my problem. My PC reboots by itself anytime I fiddle with anything related to the virtual drives. I'm not sure, but perhaps the problem actually started after I installed the latest version of Nero. The "InCD" part of Nero seems to be screwing alot of things up. I have tried uninstalling Nero. When I go to uninstall the InCD of Nero, it asks to reboot my PC, but when my PC starts up again, many things that normally start up such as Creative Volume Control for Audigy 2 and the shortcuts I have assigned for the extra buttons on my keyboard and mouse do not activate. But that's an entirely other issue...

    I have also noticed that I have "AXSAKI SCSI Controller" and "SC3MP28 SCSI Controller" under SCSI and RAID Controllers under Device Manager. I honestly don't remember them being there before but what makes me curious is that the drivers provided by these two are "Generic", rather than by Microsoft or another company...maybe this also has something to do with my problem, I don't know...

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    The above mentioned devices are from Daemon Tools and Alcohol. You can try to manually remove their drivers form System32\Drivers folder and reboot your system. After reboot no virtual drives will appear and then you can try to uninstall Daemon Tools or Alcohol respectively without risk of getting BSOD.
    Also your version of these programs are outdated - try to use latest versions.


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      Which specific drivers under the System32\Drivers folder are associated with Daemon and Alcohol? BSOD isn't an issue...PC just loves to reboot by itself.

      Someone else posted with a similar problem here: [] and it was mentioned that Blindwrite may lead to problems as well, if you didn't have the latest version. So, I updated Blindwrite to the latest version, rebooted, but then it hung at the WinXP loading screen...had to use "last known good configuration" to get back to desktop...any reason for this?


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        BSOD isn't an issue...PC just loves to reboot by itself.
        Did you disable the automatic reboot in case of BSOD?

        Do you have a minidump (in windows\minidump folder) you can send us for further analysis?
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          I am not familiar with how to disable the automatic reboot procedure in case of BSOD...where can this be done?

          Also, I do have a minidump that I can send...there are 7, in fact...

          Should I send it to your e-mail for analysis?


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            Please send minidump with latest date to


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              Crash on you PC is caused by strange driver called pavdrv51.sys - I never heard about it. Try to locate the software that has installed it and either remove it completely or update to latest version.


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                Possible from Panda Antivirus.
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                They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!


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                  Wow, thanks! The culprit did seem to be Panda Antivirus...I would have never figured that one out...

                  Now, I was able to uninstall Alcohol's virtual drive as well as uninstall Nero without any of the aforementioned problems.

                  But now I only have one small issue. I am trying to uninstall "Generic STEALTH DVD SCSI CdRom Device" (which is from Daemon if I am not mistaken) through the Device Manager...but it keeps coming back after a reboot. What do I need to get rid of to make sure it doesn't come back? I want to do a clean re-installation of Daemon-Tools now but I want to clean out what was left before...just in case.


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                    Remove 'plug and play bios extension' (alcohol) or 'pnp bois extension' (dtools) from system devices in device manager. Then remove scsi controller.


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                      Ok, everything seems to have worked out fine. Thanks everyone for their help!


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                        i have the same problems like many others here.

                        I cannot disable the virtual drives. I got a BSOD. When i want to disable the entry in the device manager as you mentioned i got also a BSOD. i have searched for the files mentioned in another thread but the problem is still alive. There can i find the minidup file? It should be generated. But there is only a user.dmp that i think it is too old.

                        The BSOD begins with "0x0000007E"

                        It appears everytime i want to uninstall something from DAEMON. How can i manually uninstall DAEMON or do you have another solution.


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                          Manually delete the driver file from virtual SCSI controller (it is different in every version, check it in device manager)
                          then reboot. Now you can uninstall Daemon Tools.


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                            i tried it and it worked.

                            I have deleted the driver manually.Then delete pnP Bios extension. Virtual Drives were disabled. Uninstalled Daemon.

                            But reinstallation of Daemon does not work. The same problems occured. Under the save reboot (using F8) the system tries to install a driver for the PnP BIOS Extension , but it cannot find the driver because it is not made for the system.