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I cannot use DT Pro Adv no longer!

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  • I cannot use DT Pro Adv no longer!

    I'm using now DT Pro Adv latest version.
    A Reported bug is so much that is hard to use more so far.
    I will do Uninstall until stabilize in some degree.

    There is addition bug.
    1) vIDE Automount setting is checked and while booting, Image is Automount and Autoexecute.
    2) Cannot run program Command and Conquer 3 which is mounted in the vIDE with "emulator conflict ... " message.

    I will use Alcohol 120% latest and SPTD 1.38) again until being stabilized.

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    1.) Well, that's normal. It's a problem of windows. Just deactivate autoplay in windows.
    2.) They're working on it. For bypassing the copy protections red this instruction:

    mounting in vIDE: make sure to stop the vSCSI adapter!

    mounting in vSCSI: use YASU.
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