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Infinite loop due to d347bus.sys - maybe "Error 25002 ?"

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  • Infinite loop due to d347bus.sys - maybe "Error 25002 ?"

    During a routing boot-up of my computer the computer said something along the lines of "invalid device" causing my computer to restart. From this point on, the computer is stuck in an infinite loop. When booting up in safe mode, it stops when trying to load d347bus.sys. I tried to push esc to keep it from loading the driver, but it then blue screens and restarts. It also blue screens when I try to restart normally. I cannot get to the command prompt unless I use my windows cd for repair.

    Throughout reading in the forum, one of the ways of fixing this issue was to rename the driver (d347bus.sys). When I try doing so, after a long pause the computer says access denied. So I tried deleting the driver and again it said access denied.

    So what can I do? I am out of ideas.

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    What I really need to know is how to get past the access denied in DOS when Im trying to rename/ remove the fileAny help would be appreciated!


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      Which OS do you use?
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