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Error 25002 (invalid driver names or driver conflict), or how to remove Daemon Tools drivers

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  • Error 25002 (invalid driver names or driver conflict), or how to remove Daemon Tools drivers

    Note that the following procedure is required for v3.43 - v3.47 only!
    For removal of v4.0x check the thread about how to remove v4.
    For removal of versions <v3.43 check the following threads:
    Ensure you reboot after the procedure(s) to complete un-installation.

    Latest versions of Daemon Tools allow users to assign any random names for drivers during installation to make blacklisting task for stupid protections much harder. But this also implies that before installation setup must insure these new names will not cause any conflict with other drivers in system.
    If user gets driver conflict error during installation then it means that some drivers with same names are already in memory or on disk.
    If some previous version was installed with same names then it is possible old drivers were not removed completely (eg. user did not reboot) or some problem occured during uninstall (eg. crash etc.).
    Normally when user removes Daemon Tools via Add/Remove applet in Control Panel and reboots all drivers should be gone. But if something unpredicted happened or user did not use standard uninstall procedure then above mentioned error may happen.
    In this case user should follow the instructions below in order to completely get rid of Daemon drivers in his system.
    Same steps also should be taken if user cannot uninstall in a normal way due to some reasons. If you set some random driver names during setup then it is always good idea to write down their names somewhere, so you know what to delete in case of emergency. In the steps below it is assumed that you already know the names of drivers you need to remove (they are referred to as 'Daemon drivers').

    1. Open device manager (SCSI/RAID Controllers section) and delete SCSI controller with name corresponding with name of Daemon driver (miniport driver name). If you have problems doing it (eg. system crashes) then start from step 3 (skip steps 1 and 2).

    2. Open device manager (System devices section) and delete device with driver corresponding with Daemon driver (bus driver name). In current versions of Daemon Tools it is 'PnP BIOS Extension' but most likely it may change in next versions. Again, if you have some problems doing it, skip this step

    3. Find Daemon driver files in Windows\System32\Drivers folder
    (in Win95/98/ME also check Windows\System\IOSUBSYS folder).
    Make sure your system is configured to display system files (ControlPanel->Tools->FolderOptions->View) in order you can see them. Delete Daemon driver files.
    default v3.46 driver file names are d346bus.sys and d346prt.sys
    default v3.47 driver file names are d347bus.sys and d347prt.sys

    4. In WinNT/2000/XP/2003 open registry editor and check
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es
    for entries with same names as Daemon driver files (i.e. standard = d347bus and d347prt). Delete these keys.

    5. Reboot your system. If you executed steps 1 and 2 then you don't need to do anything anymore. Otherwise proceed to next step.

    6. Go to device manager - you may see some device with yellow mark.
    This is most likely Daemon device which cannot start because it's drivers are deleted. Delete this device from Device Manager.

    The same procedure may be used also for complete removal of Alcohol drivers from system.
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