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The system reboots as if reset was pressed (automatically restart, BSOD & minidumps)

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  • NetSoerfer
    updated to include information about minidump.

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  • The system reboots as if reset was pressed (automatically restart, BSOD & minidumps)

    If your computer reboots like the reset button is pressed, you're probably just getting a bluescreen. However, Windows XP is set to automatically reboot in case of a bluescreen per default; to disable that and find out what the bluescreen says, do the following:

    Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Startup & Recovery and uncheck "Automatically Restart". While you're at it, check that "Write Debugging Information" is set to "Small Memory Dump (64 KB)".

    The next time the error occurs, you should be able to read the bluescreen - if you ask for help on the forums, be sure to include what the bluescreen said. Furthermore, go to %Systemroot%\Minidump (where %Systemroot% usually represents C:\) and find the .dmp file that is related to your latest system crash. Please attach this file to the message you post in the forums, too.

    Should no bluescreen appear although you disabled automatic reboot or should there be no minidump although you activated that feature, your problem is almost certainly not related to Daemon Tools or any other software for that matter, but rather to faulty hardware, e.g. defective RAM, an overheating CPU (or anything else you can imagine actually).
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