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Newest Securom Emulation not using Image Files?

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  • Newest Securom Emulation not using Image Files?

    Is it possible to emulate the newest Securom and ProtectCD 5 like you emulate Safedisc 2, I mean without mounting the image File, I mean under Emulation.

    If yes: until when will it be added?

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    Not possible and most likely never be added. New protections are much smarter - you cannot make generic emulation for all games as each CD uses different pattern. Time of idiots seems to be over.


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      but shouldn't it be possible to choose an mds-file to be used with a cd to
      emulate it?

      something like the following:

      1. you insert an imperfect disc
      2. you set d-tools to "emulate securom 4.8x"
      3. d-tools pop-up a window which lets you choose an appropriate mds
      4. d-tools emulates the copy protection according to the mds

      just an idea, would GREATLY reduce HD-requirements...

      "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."


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        What Sergei.Gradski said is a great idea, can you include that in D-Tools? Because as he said much HD-requirement saved.

        (That should work for all new protections which can be emulated through mounitn it as an image file)


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          matching volume name and mds files

          I agree that this would really be a great new feature.

          Maybe you could even make it more comfortable by providing automatic linking of the inserted CD and the mds file (that would prevent a pop-up-window). I'm thinking of being able to link certain volume names with mds files respectively letting d-tools make this instantly by just looking for a mds file in some "mds-directory" with the same name as the volume and using this one.


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            Did you not read what Venom said???

            New copy protections cannot be easily bypassed on the fly without the extra mds file. As far as an mds directory, just stick the mds file with the .bin/.img or whatever. If you want, even create a seperate directory for each game (like I do).


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              Andareed:They mean automatic MDS attaching to CD-R backup in physical CDROM. Such feature is possible and maybe we'll introduce it.


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                I have a better idea, just burn the whole image to cd, almost all of them will fit on a cd. And If you have the image on cd you can easier copy the game back on HD if you need it.

                What do you think?


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                  First of all, the idea of attaching the DPM information to a CDR has already been realized with Daemon-Tools' and Alcohol's RMPS feature.

                  Burning images on CDR is somewhat tricky because every CD that is bigger than approx 650MB will create images far bigger than 700MB so you'd need special media. Apart from that, it is much easier to install Daemon-Tools once and then only insert your RMPS-enabled CDRs and let Daemon-Tools do all the rest needed for emulating the CD's physical signature.

                  But of course you can burn your images to CDR and mount them from there if they fit on the discs. Take a look around here and you'll find some of the problems covered and some suggestions for doing that more comfortably (e.g. auto-running those discs).

                  "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."