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Windows 7 Gadget for DTPro v6 - Add skinning options

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  • Windows 7 Gadget for DTPro v6 - Add skinning options

    I really don't like the "Windows Metro App"-style look of the desktop gadget for DTPro 6. Is there a way to change it's appearance to the old style?

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    The only way to get the old DAEMON gadget is to:
    1) uninstall DT Pro v6.
    2) install DT Pro v5.
    3) go to C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Pro and copy and save the DT gadget to another directory.
    4) reinstall DT Pro v6 [uncheck install gadget] or leave it checked and uninstall it after
    [right-click on the desktop, select 'Gadgets' and when the window pops up, right-click 'DAEMON Tools' and select uninstall].
    5) go to the directory of saved gadget [in step 3] and double-click to install.
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      This trick does not working for me, it just say initalisation error for the devices.
      By the way for me the gadget from v6 is a step backward to the v5 and useless now since there are not all options available that the v5 had.
      e.g. pick an iso file and drop it to the virtuell IDE drive in the gadget, it will install a new drive and mount it, not mount the iso in the existing one.
      And it´s not possible to unmount the iso via gadget, all things that was possible with v5.


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        I agree. While the gadget from version 5 had lots of functions and nice features, the one from version 6 is absolutly useless.


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          I'm agree. I like version 5 more than 6


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            I concur with all the above. Why you REMOVE functionality? No options, no skins, less controls. And UGLY,
            like all "Modern UI" implementations. Garish, and distracting.