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Change icons in the game after a mapping is made

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  • Change icons in the game after a mapping is made

    The posibility of change icons in the game when you use a remap with rewasd in a pc game playing with a xbox 360 xbox elite it would really perfect.

    I mean, if by default in game you use "Y" for takedown, so, in the game "Y" icon appears when you can do it.

    But if you change "Y" by "B" with reWASD, "Y" icon doesn´t change in the game to icon "B".

    How can you change this?

    In other words, when you rebind keys in the keyboard, while you are playing in a pc game, you can see the letter, number or another key in the game, so my question is:

    How to make the same with a controller icons using reWASD. It would be really fantastic.

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    Unfortunately, this is not possible. The game settings are not connected to reWASD. If you need to change some actions in the game, you can do it in the game adjustments.