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    So....... Back on topic..

    How is the progress going? Half way? Only a bit?

    Just a 'general' idea would be cool, that's not against any... uhhm..... rules is it?

    News in maybe a week, or..... ?

    Cheers 8)
    Keep at it guys!


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      Actually Raa, LocutusofBorg asked everyone NOT to post here on this thread until after a new "News Post' is made in the Announcements forum. Just read this . Looking at the date/time on that post means that everyone was given news/updates regarding DAEMON Tools on August 16th 2005 at 2am (GMT). This is very recent news and I hope no one feels that they've been left abandoned without an update! I'm going to plead with my fellow forum users as well, please wait until the next announcement before posting replies.
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        to the end of 08/2005

        to the end of 08/2005 and no more news......... :cry:
        no release......... :cry: :cry::cry: :cry: :cry:
        return to job.............:cry: :cry:


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          No news

          They need a holidays.


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            long time passed,we all expect a news update :?


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              A good job need time.
              When DT4 are finish they poss it, it's enought. I can wait for the new DT, i haven't to be in a hurry.
              (Sorry for my bad english)


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                Well, since there's more news, I can post again - thats not against the rules so nyer :P

                I think the new news is crap, no really.... I load up the front page and get REALLY excited..... and all I see is a bitch. What sort of news is that!

                Thats not news, thats....... people being silly, afaik, they should just be banned straight up - har har har, im so nasty! :P

                Sooo...... anyway, there's no news about DT4, and im quite disappointed.
                BUT! I'm sure that work's being done..... Although i'd still like to see a bug-bash statistic on the front page :|


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                  I'm sure even though you didn't break the "first news, then post" rule, Locutus won't be particularly enthusiastic about your opinions... :mrgreen:


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                    It's said that new screenshots will be posted sooner...and entirely one month passed,where are they?


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                      As has been explained in this forum many times, dates we tell you for the next news are estimates, not fixed deadlines. If new screenshots are not ready, we don't post them.

                      If we didn't have to answer the same questions over and over and over again, we'd have MUCH more time to concentrate on coding - the time we need to answer such unnecessary posts amounts to HOURS every day - so please stop repeating your questions again and again, you won't get any new answers and only delay the release of DT v4 & Pro.
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                        Maybe I'm naive but I think, you should change "when it's done" policy to something different. I know, you can't be sure about release date, but such abeyance creates rumors. I remember, one guy, which is close to "starforce nightmare" development, told something like "new DT will be released in a couple of weeks" at this spring. Maybe you should add to your announcement's something like "We don't know, when V4 will be released, but we sure it won't be in a next month" ("next two week" or "this year" or something else). I think, it could prevent this hysteria.


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                          You have a good idea Chocky but maybe its just that people are going to comment no matter what, just like the comments with a score of 1 or 2 on slashdot

                          And P.S. , I guess this idea is actually on topic because we're discussing the latest news of too many messages/requests to the development team... Unlike most of the other comments in this thread :?
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                            What would be the disadvantages of releasing a public beta?


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                              the fact that it would be against our will.

                              seriously, that way the copy protection developers could reverse-engineer it even before release. what good would a brand-spanking-new version of daemon tools be that's already been blacklisted in all the last weeks' copy protections?

                              by the way, this has been discussed over... and over... and... (you gessed it) ...over in this forum. opening your eyes before posting would have helped us a lot, we're up to our necks in work here answering unnecessary questions, so deeply actually that it's slowing down the process of getting DT v4/pro done.
                              "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."


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                                As StarForce 3.5.1 had been out already
                                Will DT4 work on it also?