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    please - everyone calm down!

    What I learned lately is that it is indeed not possible to run such a big
    community without some hassle here and there.

    We tried several solutions - nothing worked really flawlessly.

    @Raa: yep. I got the idea only the timing was a little bit misplaced
    because of the trouble that started some days ago. However, don't
    be worried, I got the joke

    @all: Since some days now we received overwhelming amount of "thank
    you" emails - and we much appreciate it! Of course some negative emails
    also, there will be always people out there that think to blame us will help
    or even wrote me mail which contains texts like "WORK!! Don't post this
    bullshit but instead kick your butts and release your software! You're
    idiots" (others used other terms), but still same context. Interesting:
    with one exception, only german users wrote negative critics. Maybe my
    english is just sooo bad that they not even understood what the reason for
    all that trouble was OR they can't read english at all

    However, all that lead now to a much more "chilling" atmosphere here and
    we made some "timeouts" from work lately. We need some time for our
    private lifes and I'm pretty sure everyone of you understand this.

    Please don't start flamewar - what I already liked the most is our indeed
    good relationship here and friendly atmosphere (even I must admit that
    it suffered alot since recent issues) - let's do our best to hold it on that
    level that we had last year!

    Also I must apologize if I was lately ranting here and there - I'm under
    big pressure not only here but also in my "real" life, and afterall, I'm only
    human.. I'm a peacefull person normally and everyone who knows me
    better can confirm that its not my usual behaviour to rant against every-
    thing but instead try to help other people with their problems

    to make the long story short: PEACE - release isn't that far away anymore.


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      Peacefully stalking corpses are sometimes also a good example to some, as they don't create much unrest and uproar (ok, exept a human comes along. But let's put this aside). As both the board's morale official and board zombie, I hereby present the two Daemon-Tools:

      As everybody can see, DT version 4 is still hiding behind the tree, whereas version 2 is hanging on it. Luckily, version 3 has still plenty of flesh on its bones, and the candle still gives light!
      The Boardzombie's website.


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        I'm happy with that

        Loc - I've got one question for you, if you're normally a peaceful guy, why is your nickname Locutus of Borg? I'm an avid Star Trek fan, and he only represented evil :P That doesn't sound like you!!!

        Anyway, you're totally right - private life first, so take a small break, if it takes a bit longer i'm all good!

        And Nemerov: what on earth is with those zombies? lol! :P



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          @Raa: the thread moves more and more to off-topic I would not consider
          Borgs as evil - it's a collective, you wouldn't consider ants as evil, would you?

          Even humans work and live in collectives and to be honest, every higher culture
          could be best described as collective (imho). However, Locutus is also partially
          human, maybe my deeper intention was that we all move more and more to
          a future where your individual characteristics are suppressed. OK, now enough
          OT-chitchat here.


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            just one more, please: Nemerov, if you didn't already exist somebody had to invent you :P


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              Originally Posted by Raa
              And Nemerov: what on earth is with those zombies? lol!
              Oh, they occasionally come back from the dead to visit the DT forums. However, a deamon isn't necessarily evil and demonic, as it can also be something friendly like an Unix deamon or an undead zombie. So they might fit to Daemon Tools.
              Originally Posted by ,jACkdA\W
              just one more, please: Nemerov, if you didn't already exist somebody had to invent you :P
              Thanks! Wait, doesn't a zombie also live in a sort of collective, just like a borg drone? In this context, would it be a hellish collective, not led by a bord queen but by the devil himself?
              The Boardzombie's website.


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                Well.... Good to see a post about the release of DT4..... We knew that was coming though :-)

                Hope that bug fix goes well, did anyone find out what the bug was (point me to the thread, if one exists).

                Oh and no deleting this thread, its about NEWS, not.... deletable stuff! hehehe :P

                Hurry hurry.... I dunno if I can last 2 weeks - kidding!