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    there's a useful tool for Linux-Users who want to mount an MDS, CCD, CUE or B6T image without converting them to ISO for example.
    Its called cdemu and works fins since the final release.

    Check the Website.
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      Originally Posted by Jito463 View Post
      I don't understand why people insist on trying to make Linux a gaming platform. It has never been a gaming platform and may very well never BE a gaming platform. If you want to play games, just dual-boot Windows and Linux.

      Trust me, Windows won't hurt your computer, and you'll even be able to use Daemon Tools.

      Shocking, I know.
      There are many unbalanced and irrelevant things being said about Windows nowadays, and it is apparently "popular" in some circles to disrespect everything that has relevance to Microsoft. Being an IT professional, developer and enthusiast myself, I believe that I have a more nuanced view of this, I appreciate many of MS' accomplishments, and I personally favor Windows on the desktop (for now).

      However, I do not agree with your post. Linux OS'es are essentially community efforts and most of them are available to the user free of charge. Also, technically, Linux is not at all inferior to Windows when it comes to the ability to play games with high performance. The problem is primarily, as LocutusOfBorg pointed out, that game developers currently do not have much interest in that market.

      For many users, Windows (as an operating system) honestly doesn't have any mentionable benefits over Linux, especially not when considering the price difference (if "difference" is a fitting word when "competing" with zero). Many users are more or less "forced" to use Windows simply because of its strong status as the "de facto" standard. It is not at all difficult to understand that such users do not appreciate this. Nor is it hard to understand why many users would rather spend their money on new software, movies, games etc. What may be hard to understand is why some developers are willing to donate their precious time without stable pay (or any pay at all), but that is another discussion (more and more open source projects are by the way being sponsored nowadays)
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        Regarding MS: It is and stays commercial monopoly. They are good at one thing: selling. You may argue that they will not be able to sell, thats not needed but they have marketing department and connections to define whats considered to be "needed".
        Linux and GNU on the contrary are not sold, they are pushed. Any person or group which wishes for the code to do something, implements it. If its not perfect, other can push it to higher level or fork it in another direction.
        That is the reason for MS based OSes to turn into feodal unefficient systems, where completeness equals to chaos(death).

        On the deamon tools. I think many know the saying "Those who will, seeks for ways; those who will not seeks for reasons."

        I have read a lot of arguments here contra Linux, but all of them are not problems as such, but results of the current state.

        Will more ppl understand the superiority of FOSS, more devs will attract attention. I am not talking about publishers, they are not needed here. APT-GET does it here, and for free.


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          thanks for the link, cobra!
          Guess youre the first who DID something useful on the topic.


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            And here is another good program to mount: iso, nrg, mdf, img, bin images. The name is AcetoneISO.


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              Sorry for pushing but did something changed over the last ... seven (wow!) years related to "please give us dtools for Linux)?

              I've tried CDEmu and AcetoneISO to mount images for older games running fine under wine without success.

              Thx alot!