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  • battlefront 2 problem

    i recently bought battlefront 2, installed it and everything was working well. my brother wanted to borrow it so i made an image using alcohol120 with dpm at high thinking i could still play with that.

    well it didnt work when i mounted it on dtools, so i tried many other methods by reading posts on this forum. i've tried sr7stop, secureromloader, curerom, disabling my cd drive manually, everything.

    so i just decided to get my real cd back because i was itching to play, and when i did, it still didnt load up. securerom message popped up saying that my original was infact backup and to insert the real original.

    i dont know what i did to alter everything so i went and did a system restore all the way back before i installed battlefront2, did a fresh install and still it doesnt work.

    other than formatting my drive, is there anything i can do?

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    Did you verify that the image you created wasn't still mounted in the virtual drive? If so, it could be detecting that (even with the real CD in your physical drive) and stopping the game from running.


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      nope i even closed daemon tools before i tried


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        Closing Daemon Tools does not unmount the image. You need to manually unmount to make sure there's no image mounted when playing with your original disc.