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SPDT causing boot problems, not installing properly

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  • SPDT causing boot problems, not installing properly

    Hi fellow Daemon users,

    I have experienced a severe problem after years of usage of Daemon Tools without problems.
    After following every step in the guide at DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Registry and SPTD problems I keep experiencing the problem that XP does not boot (ie keeps restarting unless I press esc in safe mode while safe mode loads SPTD.sys) This renders the usage of Daemon Tools impossible.
    The elements of SPDT are added in registry and so is spdt.sys in system32/drivers/ as I can find out in safe mode but the computer system doesn't seem to incorporate the service so that it can be used properly.

    I am running Win XP SP2 without any security software installed at all. I have not performed an upgrade from any other OS. Daemon Tools has worked properly on this system in the past.

    Something else I found out is that if I remove scsiport.sys from system32/drivers/ the problem becomes different: After installation of SPTD (using standalone installer of SPTD company) the elements of SPDT are again nicely added in registry and so is spdt.sys in system32/drivers/ but in this case Win XP will boot normally. However SPDT does not work properly: I keep getting the message that SPDT is not installed at all by both Daemon Tools and the standalone installer of SPDT v 1.62 whatever I try. Again this is the case if I delete or rename scsiport.sys; If I don't do this the system won't boot at all. I do not know the relation between scsiport.sys and spdt.sys

    Any suggentions for solving this problem? I will provide any info like error logs or system specs if needed. Anything to fix this without a reformat .

    Thanks in advance.