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  • Installation default settings

    Apparently, the default configuration while installing Daemon Tools Lite on Windows puts the "Daemon Tools Images" folder into the Windows .\Public\Documents folder, or depending on which version of Windows, into the ".\All Users\Documents" folder, which in either case ends up in a Windows shared folder. However, I would like to have the Daemon Tools Images folder in a private documents folder, for example, My Documents, which is not a shared folder necessarily. So, how can I move the folder after installation or make it install differently to begin with? Thanks.

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    Afaik the default "DAEMON Tools Images" folder can't be moved -either during setup or afterward in the registry.
    I guess that's not what you're looking for, but once you've selected My Documents in the 'Disc Imaging' dialog this will stay the default image folder until changed again.
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      Terramex is right, there is no option in DAEMON Tools software change "DAEMON Tools Images" folder location to your own. In this case, you're able forward "DAEMON Tools Images" folder to some private folder, using hard link windows feature (Hard link - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).
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