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  • Please help I'm new

    Hey guyz i've just started using daemon and i'd like to ask some questions

    First Of all, how can i mount the images in daemon? (for example, i already have a 1:1 copy made with clone cd and i;d like to use it with daemon.) please help me...

    I'll be glad!
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    Install Daemon Tools 4 and run it, then you have a trayicon and rightclick on it. Chose then under Virtual Drives the number of how much VDs you wanna have. Now leftclick on the icon and choose one Device, now it opens a new window where you can choose the image file (*mds for Alc image).

    Finished, now you are be able to install from the image or look or what ever you wanna do...
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      You could have a look at the Daemon Tools Help:
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