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Korean translator is wanted!!! Help us to improve our software ;)

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  • Korean translator is wanted!!! Help us to improve our software ;)

    Dear Community!

    We are looking for Korean translator

    Join our Translators Team! Assist us in improvement our products and get licenses for free

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    I am Korean and i could help translating but as im busy i wont have much time translating it. And i dont need though i wonder what skill do i need for translating? C++?


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      You need good knowledge of computer terms and understanding of what every program feature does. The translation itself is just the translation of table of all the strings that are available in program. First you need to spend a few days as there are quite many strings total. But after you finish you only need to translate new and changed strings now and then.
      As far as I can see there already is some Korean translation included in program. So, initial work may be partially done. But you may anyway need to review and correct existings strings.


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        Oh thank you for the info. Then i wont be able to help since i dont have time to do all that i will try to help next year.


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          I can help you.
          Just let me know what to do.