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Suggestions for DaemonScript 2.0

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    when will DaemonScript 2.0 be released? Thx!


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      Will it ever be released or has the project died?


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        Daemon script 2.0 ??

        Hello Anderseen,

        Just to say

        To make compatible the future version of Demon Script (DS) 2.0 with Demon Tools Pro 4.1x.

        From time to time, not all the time, when the virtual drive has already a virtual image mounted, when I launch a shortcut DS with another image, the first image is unmounted well but instead of to mount the second image of the shortcut DS, it is the first image which again is mounted. This is a bug DS or is-this due to Windows?

        Besides that, DS is a small jewel of software, well done and thought well, I do not find anything to add. Cheer.

        For when version 2.0?? I await it impatiently!!

        Thank you for work.

        (French, excuse my English)


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          Just some smalll opinions:

          1) When deleting a script-item during editing a script, a dialogue box always appears to ask for user's confirmation; this is a bit troublesome. Maybe in the Options page, there is a selection to let user switch that off.

          2) The extention of the script is '.daemonscript', which is a bit too long in my humble opinion, although that does not affect any operations.

          3) During installing, it lets users enter a desirable installation path; however right-clicking mouse to paste a path does not function.

          They are just very minor. Thank you for reading!


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            Well, this is actually not my idea.

            I had a small chat with an Alcohol user in the Alcohol's fourm and it inspired me this idea. If you have had a look there, (which I guess you have already regularily done ) you may have known the idea, but just in case, I write it here for your reference.

            DaemonScript mounts images, but each script can only mount one preset image, so users need to create many different scripts for all the games, this is a bit troublesome for them. Furthermore, each time users need to look for the appropiate script in order to launch the desirable game, this is not flexible for some users.

            Perhaps it is worth considering that the Mount function can be created with a fluctuate, empty path, and let users select the path of the desirable game at executing the script.


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              When DaemonScript is being executed, its icon in the system tray keeps blinking. Is it possible to add an option to select not to let it blink?

              It is because when 'Wait For App' script is in use for a long period, the blinking icon in the system tray quite annoys.

              Thank you!


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                I should have posted here a long time ago

                there is a daemonscript clone at the below link.
                Note the download link is at the bottom right of the page where it says 'click here'

                2shared - download ScripterNite3.4.7z

                requires .net framework 4.0 get at below link
                Note if you have windows updates on you most likely wont need to download .net framework 4

                Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)

                if the link dont work google 'net framework 4'

                there will be an update soon v4.0 which will have a manual update feature.



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                  follow the below thread for scripternite updates