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Image location in Mount script item

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  • Image location in Mount script item

    This happens during creating a new script with a mount script item.

    In the Script info of the new script, if Daemon Tools is selected as virtual DVD-ROM, and then in Mount script item press '...' at the right of image to enter an image file, a dialogue box will appear, at the bottom of the dialogue box there is only one file type for us to select: 'All Files (*.*)'. This is fine, all files of the directory are listed.

    However, in the script info, if either Alcohol 120% or Alcohol 52% is selected as virtual DVD-ROM, and then in the Mount script item press '...', then in the file type of the pop-up dialogue box there are two selections :
    1) All Images )
    2) *.*
    Unfortunately both of them do not list any files of the directory indeed, the directory list is just empty.

    To overcome that, I manually enter *.* in the file name, and press enter, then all files in the directory are listed.

    It is quite complicated, hope you can understand my explanation. If it is unclear, please ask me to explain.

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    Never mind, it is solved. Sorry for bothering!