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    I'm using DT Lite. Basic questions for DaemonScript:

    1. Must I first manually load DT before running a script or does DS load DT Lite automatically? Or is DS merely the equivalent of a batch file?
    2. If DT is not loaded automatically by SD, must I first have the script RunApp DT Lite?
    3. Mounting - Previously, when I have manually started DT Lite and mounted an .MDS, the program started automatically from (I'm assuming) the .inf on the "disk". However, none of the options I've tried (1 or 2 above) have caused the app to start. It's as tho' the .inf is not being seen or executed. Must I RunApp the .exe that exists on the CD that I didn't have to run when mounting manually?
    4. If I have DT Lite manually loaded and run a DS script that mount and image, should I see that fact when right clicking on the DTL tray icon? Or is the fact that it's loaded NOT shown there? (Just trying figure out what's going wrong here.
    4. When I exit the app that was called, WaitforApp (presumably) executes. I say presumably since I haven't been able to get the app to run as noted above. However, the DS Tray Icon continues to blink. Does the blinking mean that the script is still running?
    5. How can I exit DS entirely?


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    Is anyone going to give me a hand here?