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Anyone have Daemonscript and will send to me?

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  • Anyone have Daemonscript and will send to me?

    The links to Daemonscript are gone now. I have used this wonderful tool to setup several "childproof" computers. It was great because I could lock down the desktop and have the icons that launched the particular game. The games I install typically do not have any protection, so Daemon Tools 3.47 works just fine.

    I am re-doing my kids computer and I have a copy of DT 3.47 saved on my computer but alas, no Daemonscript. I scoured the internet but have not found anything other than links that point back to here.

    I hate to beg but I do not know of another way to accomplish what I trying to do.

    If you can help, please PM me and I will respond with an email address to send to. I am not sure what version works with DT 3.47 but I believe that 1.54 works and from what I can tell from another post 1.62 will work as well.

    Any help is much appreciated. I have about 40 scripts written and would like to use them again.


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    Though I do keep a copy of it, I do not think that it is appropriate to distribute it without the author's sanction.

    If the author is not willing to distribute it at the moment by specifically removing the download link, it is not a good idea to ask others to distribute it in the author's forum.

    Alternatively, you may use the Command Line Switches to operate, that should be almost the same.


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      Thank you for the response. I am sure you are correct that there is a reason that the link is disabled at the moment. I believe that it no longer works with the current version Daemon Tools. It seems that most of the 3rd party tools are no longer active links.

      It may have been a better strategy to ask the author directly, instead of posting in a forum.

      Through some searching of old backup disks that I kept around, I was able to find a copy.

      Therefore, I am removing my request.

      Thanks again


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        Please see Terramex' post.
        Upgrade your programs:
        DaemonTools --- SPTD --- YASU --- PID